Family and School Support and Treatment Team (FSSTT)
Stagiaire and Intern Dossier

The Family School Support and Treatment team (FSSTT) is an inter-disciplinary team affiliated with 17 schools (11 elementary and six high schools) of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, mandated to provide support to students with social/emotional/behavioral difficulty.  Following a learning community model, FSSTT provides professional development in the area of socio-emotional learning to school personnel, with the purpose of adapting the school environment to better meet the needs of students. The inclusion of CEGEP-level stagiaires and university-level interns placed in FSSTT schools is an integral element of the professional development offered by our team.

Over the last few years, a stagiaire and Intern placement protocol has been developed in conjunction with the respective CEGEPs and universities to ensure success for all students. An initial interview process is required in order to determine an appropriate and successful placement within one of our FSSTT schools. Close and continuous collaboration with all the CEGEPs and universities involved is an essential component of this process. Furthermore, an entry meeting at the school level is mandatory. This meeting includes the FSSTT tech who will be supervising the stagiaire, as well as the FSST Link Consultant, the CEGEP’s stagiaire supervisor or university intern supervisor and the school’s principal. The purpose of this meeting is to highlight the particular culture of the school, discuss the parameters and expectations of the stage, build a supportive environment for the stage student, and ensure open communication between the school and the CEGEP or university personnel involved with the student.

The FSSTT accommodated several stagiaires and interns for the 2015-2016 school year. These students came from Dawson College’s Social Work Program, the Special Care Counselling Programs at LaSalle College and Vanier College, Concordia University’s Drama Therapy Program and McGill University’s Educational Psychology Program.




For more information about the FSSTT Stagiaire and Intern Dossier,  interested students should contact their CEGEP or University program stage/internship supervisors, who should in turn contact the FSSTT offices at (514) 422-3000, extension 32590.