Who is FSSTT?

Who is FSSTT

The inter-disciplinary team consists of a Child Development Specialist, three Behavioural Consultants, an Art Therapist, a Drama/Dance Therapist, a Youth Outreach Consultant, as well as the part-time services of a psychiatrist, psychiatric consultant and psychologist.  

A full-time FSSTT Technician works in each of the 17 schools as a member of the school resource team and is supported by the inter-disciplinary team described above. 

The philosophy underlying the team’s approach is to consider all who are involved in the referred student’s life to be a contributing member and part of the intervention plan. Thus, administrators, classroom teachers, resource teachers and the non-teaching professionals from within the school milieu (e.g. psychologists) and health and social services (e.g. social workers) are also invited to engage in a collaborative problem-solving model to understand the child’s difficulties and create an intervention plan.