Where is FSSTT?

Where is FSSTT

Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB)

  •  11 Elementary Schools
  •  6  High Schools
  •   Also on call to all LBPSB schools

The FSSTT is housed at Horizon High School, and is part of the Student Services Department of the LBPSB. The facilities at Horizon High School are used for family and student meetings and consultation with school resource teams.  There is also a team meeting room and offices.

The FSSTT offices are also used in the evenings for family therapy and are often shared with hospital programs who try to bring their family and group meetings closer to the community where the family lives, bolstering accessibility.  

A full-time FSSTT Technician works in each of the 17 schools as a member of the school resource team and is supported by the inter-disciplinary team described above.

The philosophy underlying the team’s approach is to consider all who are involved in the referred student’s life to be a contributing member and part of the intervention plan. Thus, administrators, classroom teachers, resource teachers and the non-teaching professionals from within the school milieu (e.g. psychologists) and health and social services (e.g. social workers) are also invited to engage in a collaborative problem-solving model to understand the child’s difficulties and create an intervention plan.